Woven Cognition As a second skin, clothing facilitates self expression, interacts with our emotions and can improve our performance. The Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator (BF+DA) received an initial sum of $2 million, pledged by Pratt Institute, to develop “smart” textiles. Raf was one of the research fellows funded by this project and collaborated with fashion designers, industrial designers and technologists to explore new ways of manufacturing smart garments and functional fabrics. The research responded to the environmental and ethical consequences of integrating technology into textiles. Through embedding knit with a matrix of conductive yarn, tech components (e.g. sensors or LEDs) can simply be placed in hidden pockets and activated without the need for glue or soldering. This concept would enable garments to be customized and upgraded at will and allows for the knit and components to be taken apart and recycled separately.
Cognitive 'signal' knit jacket.
Soft circuit with embedded pockets for customization / updates.
Conductivity test.
Early stage knit sample.
Images © Rafael EL Baz