The Shape of Light The movement and growth of plants in nature is influenced by external stimuli and hormones, bending, twisting and elongating to access water and light. This project was inspired by the ways in which leaves seasonally change shape over time, growing in the spring and falling and drying in the autumn. When drying, the skeletal structure forces the body of the leaf to move into a new position. Through studying these simple patterns, a series of algorithmic forms where produced to replicate natural movement and structure. The first collection of light pendants developed a production method where silicone was stretched and embedded with predetermined 3D forms. The second collection updated this process by casting rigid nylon structures onto stretch membranes. The closed loop making process ensures that minimal materials are used and wasted. Each design is cast onto a stretched piece of fabric before being released into a form. Once the product has been used, the materials can be soaked in water to separate and recycle or melt and reuse. .
Unfurl light pendant collection.
Close up - light.
Close up - dark.
Inspiration from the movement in organic structures.
Silicon structure development.
Sample movement.
Fabric light pendant series.
Polyester fabric & polyester structure.
Structure releasing from fabric after being submerged of 1.5hr - Material then ready for reuse. Images © Rafael EL Baz