Embroidered Manufacturing Embroidery is a craft with great historical significance, not only used to decorate fabric but also to elevate royal and religious objects; a learned skill marking a girls transition to womanhood; a folk art using simple and accessible materials; and a practical technique (e.g. Sashiko in Japan) to reinforce clothing. Embroidered Manufacturing extends the application and function of embroidery and blends a traditional craft with the capabilities of modern manufacturing through applying the principles of 3D printing. Instead of using sheets of material and cutting out patterns, production waste is designed out by making ‘soft’ objects from only the necessary amount of yarn. Products, fashion items and accessories can be made from 100% recycled yarns, combining different mesh densities, elasticities, strengths and heat reactive components that can later be moulded and hardened.
Recycled yarn embroidered structure.
Embroidered cap.
Sample being removed from water soluble backing.
Embroidered samples.
Embroidered mesh close up. Images © Rafael EL Baz